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CESM welcomes industry, consultants, government agencies, non-profits, UArizona professors, researchers, and UArizona post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students to contact us about our work and opportunities to work with us.


Industry and Consulting Partners

Industry-academic research cooperatives are at the core of CESM, and we welcome opportunities to expand and diversify these partnerships. Our cooperatives leverage the experience and specific environmental concerns of mining companies with collaborative research to improve reclamation technology on active mining properties in Arizona.

In these industry-academic partnerships, UArizona researchers and mines work together on a shared research interest for a minimum of three years. Over the course of the collaboration, UArizona provides annual research updates, conducts on-site sampling/assessment, and other project-specific deliverables. We encourage you to visit our Industry-Academic Research Cooperatives page to see examples of our partnerships and to view our current Scopes of Work (under each research cooperative).

Consultants, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and government labs can also join specific research cooperatives as non-research members. In this arrangement, non-research members participate in a cooperative's annual meetings to hear research updates but they do not have an active research project at their mine.

Please use the information above to contact us if you are interested in starting a research cooperative or joining CESM. We look forward to connecting with you!

Academic Partners

CESM welcomes interested academics at UArizona to engage in and contribute to our sustainable mining research. CESM seeks funding to support UArizona researchers for new inquiries into various aspects of sustainable mining. Our funded researchers also frequently participate in CESM’s annual research and technical advisory committee meetings. Please contact the CESM Director for information on current research opportunities associated with the environmental and social impacts of mining.