Industry-Academic Research Cooperatives

The over-arching goal of our research cooperatives is to leverage the experience and specific environmental concerns of mining companies in collaborative research to improve reclamation and environmental monitoring technology on active mining properties. In these industry-academic partnerships, UArizona researchers and mines work together for a minimum of three years. Research cooperatives are comprised of a minimum of three industry partners who share research results, evaluate the application to management practices, and determine future research directions.

Each industry-academic research cooperative is focused on a specific research topic. Research topics are defined by a Scope of Work that defines the research objectives of the specific cooperative. Active research cooperatives are fully funded by industry members who meet annually to discuss and guide the research. Additional research cooperatives are developed using University exploratory research funding. Industry stakeholders with an interest in research collaboration can email CESM at  



Photo of scientist using 1 meter quad and tape measure to assess revegetation on a waste rock slope.